You’re the reason I’m unhappy.”

How many times has that phrase come out of your mouth, or you’ve heard it from someone you love? I’ll admit for me…one too many times.

I remember saying it before, and I thought that I had a perfectly good reason to say it, too. Sometimes people in your life have a way of dwindling that spark. They literally suck the energy out of you and leave you on the floor to pick yourself back up. The saddest part comes when they don’t even realize they’re doing it.

I am so quick to throw positivity onto people that I’ve realized blaming someone else for my own feelings and attitudes is a form of negativity in itself.

So – no more blaming others. I need to blame myself.

I now blame myself for letting it happen, for letting another human effect me in a negative way. I blame myself for expecting too much, and letting myself up for disappointment.

You have to take personal responsibility for your actions and feelings. You cannot change the circumstances, but you can change how you let those circumstances treat you.

You’re I’M the reason I’m unhappy.”

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Until next time everyone.

-xoxo, Katlyn