All About Peaches…

d4e0c8b8d0868a012797d4f559748d7c Although we’ve all heard this saying a time or two, I find many people I’m surrounded by are unable to let it sink in a little. If you’re constantly changing yourself and your standards to meet the needs of those that don’t even matter, what is the point? Who ARE you?

For me, I’ve found that a lot of people may like peaches…but sometimes the peaches I like, despise other peaches.
It’s okay,
it’s life.

I believe it’s damn near impossible to like everyone on this planet and I mean this in the kindest of terms; there will be those people you like more than others. No one said you had to be a full-blown people person. BUT…why don’t you see for yourself first, even if you’ve never given it a shot.

Go ahead and take a bite.
Maybe you’ll like peaches. After all, they may grow on you.


Don’t ever change for someone to like you. Just be yourself, and the right people will love the real you.

For more positive words, some back soon! In the meantime, go ahead and check out the a positivity board on Pinterest. This is where I go for inspiration, guidance, and a little getaway from life when things get tough.

6 thoughts on “All About Peaches…

  1. Katlyn, Thanks for the post… I loved reading it. Sometimes I think of myself as more of oh I don’t know… maybe a coconut.. hard and rough on the outside and sweet and healthful on the inside!

  2. Great post and I like the fact that you made it interactive especially with the “Go ahead and take a bite”. i see your personality in the posting as well as the positive meaning and honesty! Keep up the good work and I look forward to your next quote. I’m from Georgia, which is the Peach State and I know everybody doesn’t like peaches literally!!

  3. Hi Katlyn, I love your post! It is simple and easy to read, short and sweet at getting the message across. I like the way you bold and italicised some words, it adds some style to your blog. I would love to read more from you!

  4. Hi Katlyn,

    Can I just say that you are obviously a person that was born with a naturally beautiful spirit!
    I just tried imagining you in a fist fight. It didn’t work out – you just gave the other guy a daisy instead.

    You have done so great in spacing out the text and including “happy” images. The blog is brief, but pertinent. It gave me, and I’m sure many other readers, just what they needed – that little daisy to lift us up without needing to know the situation that may be bringing us down.

    Great job!


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